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Welcome to WiseMo myCloud – cloud and premises based Remote Control software

First you need to create your own myCloud remote control domain. The domain groups together WiseMo Guest and Host modules installed on your PCs, Mac, Smartphones and other mobile devices.  It provides you with download links, to easily deploy Guest and Host modules to your computers, and it permits you to invite others to join your domain. It also allows you to browse pricing options, available to you after expiration of the free 30 days trial period.

A domain must have a unique domain name and at least one user, who is the domain administrator.

Operational mode

Best for manned and unmanned situations and with a set list of computers and devices that needs to be controlled remotely from time to time. Licensed per distributed and enabled Host.

Suitable for manned situations and in help desk scenarios with a large number of computers and devices potentially might need to be controlled remotely.Licensed per simultaneous connections.

Domain information

The Domain name is used as part of the communication settings for the WiseMo Guest and Host software. It must be unique and minimum 3 characters. Characters accepted: alphanumeric characters, underscore (_), hyphen (-).

Domain administrator account

The email address is used for sending an activation link and it also serves as your User name, during sign-in to the domain.

Must contain mixed case characters and numbers.

Minimum 8 characters. Use mixed case a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and common punctuation characters.

Please enter the characters you see in the picture below, so we know you are not a computer:

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